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Help me pick a shower curtain?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

First time poster here...please be gentle.

I've been working on this bath trying to make it look the best I can on a very small budget. Unfortunately everything here has to stay and this bathroom is used so I can't paint the vanity top or anything like that. We are going to have to work our magic with paint, fabric, and accessories.

First I scraped the popcorn off and redid the ceiling then I repainted the walls and trim the same as before. I thought if I just painted the vanity, got a new shower curtain, and put some fresh accessories in I'd be good to go.

So I painted the (orange oak) vanity a cream color - BM Mayonaisse but was so disappointed in the outcome. See how the color just doesn't go with the color of the vanity top? It's too yellow. :(

I also ordered MULTIPLE cream shower curtains. None looked right.

Yesterday I finally figured out WHY.

I know these pics aren't great but see on the left is the vanity top (pink beige), the middle is a cream (yellow beige), and then at far right is the toilet which reads sort of gold but is actually an ORANGE beige! No wonder the cream didn't work with any of it.

So now I know why my pretty cream shower curtains just made the toilet color look DIRTY and made the ugly color stand out even more.

IN FACT, the shower curtain you see in the room picture is a DOLLAR TREE liner, which actually looks BETTER than the nice cream ones. This one is a DIRTY white so it actually looks better next to that toilet. Isn't that crazy?!

(Hat tip Maria Killam!)

Did you notice I never showed you the shower surround? Yeah, that's because that's an even DIRTIER looking orange beige color than the toilet. Plus it's a cheap fiberglass deal so even if the color was right I'd still want to hide it. So I'll spare you on that.

So my goal is to find a shower curtain that works with and pulls together these elements that were poor choices and that honestly do not go together.

Once I have shower curtain, I want to pull colors from that for repainting the walls, possibly ceiling, repainting vanity, towels, and a few carefully chosen accessories.

As you can see, my floor has some gold and creamy yellow as well as brown and a little gray. Trim maybe BM Cloud White or BM Snowfall White but will have to see what looks good with what we pick for walls.

So here are a few possibilities.

I want to stress my question isn't so much which one do you like but which one do you think will best solve my color problems.

#1 - I should just delete this one because I'm doing the same thing again - picking the darn creamy yellow beiges. Gah! Do you ever do that - just pick the same stuff over and over and it never works? I do think it's kind of pretty but I think it's too creamy and gold looking.

#2 Wayfair's pic looks blurry or something. I've reached out to them to try to clairify about these colors but looks like taupe or brown, orange, gold and hopefully not too much white. I'm far from a fan of orange but I think a dull or greyed orange might work better than gold. Taupe would be a nice change too - I'm kind of over chocolate brown.

#3 Again lots of gold but it looks sort of dirty. lots of different browns and tans and some orangey brown tones. I know gray is on it's way out but it's still good where I live and I also like that it has a spot of black which ties into my faucet and door knobs.

I could order them all and see which one works but I have already ordered and sent back SO many so I'm trying to avoid that if I can. And I am very much open to other suggestions!

So excited to get your advice!!!

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