Bedroom Layout Issues

Samara-Noelle Paraiso
last year
last modified: last year

We're planning on renovating my Husbands family home and we're now in the process of doing a rough design estimate.

His parents converted two bedrooms into one by simply adding a door in front of the two bedrooms (creating a little left side or right side entrance just after the door) and removing the existing doors while keeping the same two bedroom layout. One of the original bedrooms has a very small closet built in and a very small bathroom built in. They are located basically smack in the middle of the two bedrooms, therefore, blocking the two rooms from being one.

We're looking for ideas to unify the two bedrooms seamlessly and add a decent sized bathroom and a bigger closet.

The photos are the older layout (though still remains the same layout) but the hallway is now a door just in front of that mirror.

The bathroom and closet are to the right of the bed in room with closets. We intend on knocking down those closets as well.

unfortunately we don’t have exact measurements or Floor plan because we currently live abroad

but we’d take any suggestions

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