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Has anyone used Mohawk Revwood? Thoughts vs quality LVP or hardwood?

2 years ago

Revwood looks to be a relatively new product on the market, released in 2018. Has anyone used it or installed it? How does it hold up to daily use and abuse? We have a 3 yo and a 70+ lb dog and we are concerned about scratches and water damage from spills and tracked in moisture.

We have looked at some LVP to include Modin and Karndean and while we like the idea of the waterproof and scratch-resistant planks, we are concerned about feel and look vs a product that is closer to hardwood. I have also heard conflicting reports about Karndean and Modin being relatively easy to scratch and it's harder to find reviews on the newer lines of Karndean.

I am still taking solid hardwood into consideration as this will be our "forever home." Though I worry about having to refinish often, as we've been in our current house for 7 years and our oak floors already need to be refinished. Clearly, we need flooring that will stand up to our daily abuse. Additionally, we have an open floor plan that would make transitioning to tile very odd for the kitchen.

I am sure that you have all felt my pain at one point or another, so thank you in advance for sharing your experiences.

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