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Luxury Vinyl (LVF / LVP) vs hardwood floors

2 years ago

I just bought a house in the SF Bay Area that I am remodeling. I'm leaning towards getting luxury vinyl flooring for the kitchen and living area versus going with traditional hardwood floors and then sealing them. Upstairs bedrooms will probably be pre-finished engineered or solid hardwood.

I currently have a small dog, plan on getting a bigger dog, and have a baby on the way. People I talk to in flooring stores say LVF is the way to go because it's water proof and even more durable than wood floors.

On paper, it seems cheap to go with plastic flooring in a $1M+ house, but I'm not so concerned about the prestige of having hardwood floors. LVF just has the features that will give me less worry for the next 10-15 years. I know that hardwood floors add more value to the house and can last longer, but I don't really want to spend the money to get floors that will get ruined by kids and pets in a few years. I plan on living in this house for the foreseeable future, so I figure I can replace the flooring with hardwood when the LVF needs to be replaced.

What are people's experience with luxury vinyl?

Do they hold up as good as people say?

Should I save a few bucks now or fork out the cash for hardwood and deal with maintaining them?

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