How to send photos not taken with cell phone


I have these important family photos I took years ago with a regular camera. These photos were taken way before people started using cell phones.

Today I went to a place that has one of those machines that enable you to scan something and email it to anyone you want. I emailed the photos to myself. I emailed one photo in each email. I had 11 photos so I sent out 11 emails .

My problem now is how can I place these photos into my iPhone 6S? I can view the photos on my iPhone by going to Mail then opening up the individual emails that each have a photo.

I want to send these photos to relatives by using WhatsApp, an app that I discovered recently and really love. When I've used WhatsApp in the past to send photos, the app easily directs me to my photos on my iPhone and lets me select what I want to send. However, the photos I scanned today are not with my other iPhone photos because I did not take them with my phone!

Is there a way to resolve this? Is there a way to include these photos with my other photos that are already on my iPhone? Or is there another way to do this?

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Richard (Vero Beach, Florida)

I'm not a phone person but this should work.

Tap and hold the photo you want to save. Then tap "Save Image".

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I'm assuming our photos are on your computer, and it's a Windows computer. I think if you have the iCould app on your computer, you could copy your photos to iCloud, then access them on your phone. Another way, going the other way, is to plug your phone's USB charging cord to your computers USB port and navigate to the location on your phone, then, using Windows Explorer, copy your photos to your phone. I used to copy my photos from my phone to my computer that way, before I was using iCloud.

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Exactly what Richard said. using your iPhone open your emails. Tap and hold the photo and choose ”save image”. Your pictures will then be in your “Photos”. Put them in an album, if you choose.

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