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Message that my Hotmail account needs "fixing," but it's working OK.

3 years ago

A message that something is wrong with my Outlook/Hotmail account and needs to be fixed appears at the top of the screen.

This has happened to me twice recently, when I tried to send email to a company whose email address I found online under "Contact us." Since one of the companies is Instant Pot, I assume that the company itself isn't doing anything bad, but to "fix" whatever the problem is, I am being asked to enter my Outlook/Hotmail password or passcode. That is the passcode my Dell PC required when I first set it up, so I don't want to give it away if there is something fishy going on.

I am suspicious of this message that pops up because, apart from the message itself, I have not been having any trouble at all with my Hotmail account. Can anyone please tell me what may be going on?

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