Theater room vs bedroom

Jess K
2 years ago

What are your thoughts on the value of a home theater room vs a 4th bedroom? Our house came with a finished theater room in the basement. There is no window in this room (there are two egress windows in a basement bedroom) It is all black, has huge screen, some sound proofing and theater lightning. We currently don't have a projector so don't use it other than my kids like to play there sometimes. I hate being in there because it's dark and depressing. Theater rooms hold no value to me...we don't even own a tv and I am perfectly content watching a movie on my laptop. We are considering trying to add at least one more bedroom to the basement and have an unfinished storage room we could add a window in but may not have the budget to finish out all the way, so we are also considering this room since it's already finished. What are your thoughts? Since we don't know how long we will live here (have no plans to move in the near future but think we may want to move somewhere with land down the line) would a theater room or bedroom be more attractive to you as a home buyer?

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