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Addition or move?

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Hi! We currently live in a 3 bed 1.5 bath 1400 sq foot home. our third bedroom is approx the size of a closet so its great for a nursery or office but not much else. The house is in a great location (on a park) and we have great neighbors that have kids the same age as ours. Historically the town isnt great and so while the elementary schools are blue ribbon the middle and high schools are a little rough. Were thinking about possibly doing a 200 sq foot addition above our garage which would give us one more bedroom and a master bath. were thinking we have at least 8-10 more years in the house before we would have to move (due to school quality) and we would want to do the work before my daughter starts kindergarten next year. does this sound like it would be worth it? we cant afford anything comparable right now in a ’better’ town. im really anxious about pulling the trigger only to move down the line anyway!

edited to add: we have two kids, both girls under 4

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