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Do I need an agent if someone's interested in my unlisted house?

last month

A neighbor of mine wants to refer her friend to me after I told her I'm planning to sell my home sometime soon. Her friend specifically wants a place like mine and in this very area, and she's certain she would be seriously interested after seeing my home. We'll see but....

As of now I have not listed the property. Nor have I chosen or contracted a real estate agent for myself.

It's a condo, and I think condo selling can be more complex than homes sometimes. Maybe I'm mistaken but I guess I'm wondering if, after this person comes over and agrees to the price I give them, what next? I know people do these kinds of things with a real estate attorney and without an agent when this type of opportunity presents itself. Looking for some guidance here. Is there any reason why I'd want to have an agent of my own before I go through this process? What kind of commission - if any - would be due them if I do secure one? Or would an attorney be enough and take care of all the necessary steps through closing?

I have no problem having an agent involved, if that's actually necessary. In that case, I'm not sure what the cost to me would be though. I want to go into this fairly, to myself and anyone else involved.

Also - I know this may sound silly but it occurred to me maybe I should give my friend (the one referring the buyer) a finder's reward. She's a friend - not a longtime friend but as my neighbor we've become friendly and have gone to dinner here and there. Being that I'd never have to go through the listing process, open houses, yada yada, I feel I'd be indebted to her for the referral. Thoughts on that?

Thanks for any input.

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