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remodel kitchen advice.

last month

I’m looking at making the kitchen look newer and cleaner. Unfortunately the backsplash tile is the same as the floor tile we are considering selling within the next year. We have just changed all the carpet throughout the house to wood flooring however, even though we still have only a year to live here I really want to, take down the cabinets and paint them properly. I have done a lot of research on how to do this so it looks professional. I am just hoping maybe someone could give me some additional advice or colour advice I was considering doing a white cabinet. I don’t know if there’s a specific shade I should do. Would it be better if I changed the Handles the countertop does have to stay black however is there anything I could do to the backsplash even though it’s the same tile as the flooring? I’m also hoping that if the kitchen looks nicer, it might also help in the selling process. A lot of people around me have told me just to leave the kitchen as is since it will be getting put for sale however for me to live here for another year I just can’t take the darkness of it.

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