need help with designing a new mudroom/laundry/cat’s room.

2 years ago
I’m transitioning my summer bayside house into a year round house. I’m tired of my cats’ litter boxes and laundry appropriating valuable waterview real estate in my upstairs laundry/utility room which is going to be reconfigured to become an office. The first stage of renovation is to make a new mudroom / laundry and coat closet coming off the garage. I’m moving the litter box(es), large front loader washer and dryer downstairs to space I will appropriate from a very large garage. The washer and dryer are front loading and I will remove the pedestals so I can put a counter for folding over it. Help me plan it. Besides these 3 things it will also house a freezer and storage especially beach/pool towels. (I will have more storage in the garage and a new pantry upstairs. So it is not the primary storage area. ) Other storage is required for vacuum, brooms, washing and cleaning products and 40lb cat litter bags. This space will be at the same level as the first floor of the house. The rest of the garage is 3 feet lower and at grade level. Currently under the stairs and near the side door is crawl space where I store pool things and unused tiles and paint from a previous renovation. Part of the area inside the house between the elevator door and the garage door will be appropriated for a small coat closet opening into the house. It is the space in the garage where the kayaks currently stand. As we will be elevating this new mudroom to first floor level we will
Still need a door and steps down to the garage. The side door will have to be removed and replaced by a window. We will need to find a place further along the wall for a new door and probably have to remove one of the outdoor showers to accomplish that. Space under the interior stairs to the right of the interior door will now be accessed from the mudroom. The space is about 20 feet long by 8 feet wide. Close to the house the 8 foot width can’t change but I can add in more space if needed at the far end.. My boyfriend contractor doesn’t want to put the washer and dryer on exterior walls. There is an interior bathroom near the outside door as well as plumbing in the exterior garage wall. Help me plan it and tell me what I’m missing. Note, in the attached plan, the space at the top right of the diagram is no longer part of the garage but is an interior bathroom. The plan does not reflect this.

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