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Help me design my laundry / mudroom

12 years ago

I would love some thoughts on planning out the laundry room. It's not a huge room but it is larger than it was before the renovation. It used to be quite narrow and just opening the washer and dryer doors pushed you up against the wall. Originally the W/D were on the right side where there is still plumbing for a sink.

Our house does not have a mudroom and the kids have a habit of walking in the front door and dropping their coats, backpacks and coats all in a puddle. Teenagers...

My wish list:

1) add cubbies for the kids to hang coats and backpacks

2) sink

3) folding station and a place to hang clothes to dry - I currently fold in the family room, hang clothes on a folding clothes rack in my bedroom and iron in my bedroom. It seems there is always laundry in my bedroom in various stages of completion. I dearly want to reclaim our master from laundry! If I continue to use a folding clothes rack I would need a place to stash it in the laundry room when not in use. I would like some upper cabinets for storage somewhere in the room as well.

The hook up for the W/D is on the left wall..should I stack these so the counter under the windows can run from wall to wall? The sink hook up is on the right wall and I believe the position is still somewhat flexible as the wall is not entirely drywalled in yet.

I have looked at tons of laundry room pics on Houzz and elsewhere. .. now I just need to pull all the elements together.


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