Need help w/ Laundry/Mudroom Design . Thanks in Advance.

10 years ago

Thinking about building the Kensington Park plan by Frank Bezk (link below). Last night was looking at the plan again and had an idea concerning the mudroom. Sorry, no drawing yet, just thoughts. Curious what ya'll think about it adding value to house and function(help resale later). Looking at the laundry/mud room complex, seems that it could better suit my family in terms of function and organization. Keep in mind, we were talking about adding 2' to the right side. So if you add 2' just right of the broom closet and through the breakfast area that room get's expanded by 2'. I was thinking get rid of the butler's pantry (like most I have a nice hutch, and wouldn't really use it much), but it is a nice feature I am trading off. Also, get rid of the broom closet (move the closet to under the stairs across the hall of the butler's pantry. Now, close the butler's pantry/broom close in, and make that the power room w/ pocket door where the center of the butler's

pantry was. Now, you have more space to work with in mudroom/laundry. Keep the door from the garage as far left as it is. Now along the right wall as you walk in (get rid of the laundry room door/wall on that side) you have a row of nice 4 tall wood lockers (for each person in my family) about 2' wide each w/ cushioned benches, dividers, hooks, cabinet up top, place for shoes underneath, etc. Attached to those (wall and door gone) you should have enough room for a sink w/ small counter and storage cabinet below and cabinet above. Across from

there, you have the washer and dryer with a cabinet over one and nothing over the one on the left. By expanding the room 2 feet, you move the wall next to the washer/dryer over 2' (makes 3rd shelf in the pantry) to make room for a 2' storage cabinet (space below for longer items like iron, etc). Then have a bar that goes from that cabinet to the cabinet over the dryer for hanging a few clothes. Above the washer and dryer, maybe some sort of wood/removable counter above for a work surface. Now, where the powder room was. On the wall on the other side of the wall by the dryer, you could have a long counter with a few cabinets above and below (empty space too for you to sit and work and maybe another bar from an upper cabinet to the wall for hanging cloths). On this counter you can sew, fold clothes, etc. Then on the other wall you have a desk with some cabinets/drawers, charging station, cork board, etc (get rid of the desk upstairs). This give you a place to sort mail, do other things ao the little desk in the kitchen is for cooking and recipe books etc. Anyways, a lot of detail but something I was pondering when I couldn't sleep last night. Feedback? Thanks in advance....

Here is a link that might be useful: Kensington Park - Plan

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