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Want to relieve sister in law. Panic- computer related

We are trying to help lower my sister in law's panic. In 40's, their divorce in process. She is almost frozen in fear as 'ex' who has been very aggressive and has told her "I know everything you talk about". He did 'stalk' her several years agob but deemed not a serious problem at that time. She is in a rental apartment complex and he has never been there. Her iphone is brand new, kept locked and was never in his hands. Settings are private. She is worried that he has some sort of 'electronic/computer' that can listen to everyday conversations with family/friends in the house as he does seem to show up where she is sometimes. Neither Steve or I can find anything online that would be able to do something to our knowledge that is that advanced.
We want her to feel comfortable moving on if he really is not in the catagory that is dangerous. Is there electronics that really is that good for the average person? Strange question we know. Thx

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