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1960 Mid century brick ranch

5 years ago


We purchased a brick ranch. We absolutely love the natural light, wood floors and our space but we’re not fond of MCM design. Not sure what our style is lol. I am looking for advice.

Our home is South facing, full of original large wood windows giving us beautiful natural light, beautiful wood floors, and a limestone fire place.

We we have plans to take the wall in the living room half way down, opening up the kitchen for more open concept and light flow.

We’re taking down the old fluorescent lights and wood piece above fire place. I have no idea what to do with our television. If it was Up to me I wouldn’t own one. ;)

What at do we do with our hideous tv?

I am not crazy about the limestone fireplace but I think I will learn to appreciate it with the right design direction and furnishings surrounding it.

I am thinking of swivel chairs for living room? Suggestions on furniture and placement?

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