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How to disguise exterior after garage conversion from 2 doors to 1?

Christy D.
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

I am converting half of my garage into a room for my drummer husband to practice. My current double garage door will be replaced by a single door which will leave a lot of dead space on the exterior. What should I put to make this less obvious? Is there such thing as a "dummy window"?

Although I think the best solution is a climbing plant such as an ivy or jasmine, I don't like the bugs that those attract. I could also use suggestions on the lighting. There are currently 2 lights (one on each side of the double door). Once the garage becomes a single door, do I install a new light closer to the new door or leave it off entierly & just have a single light centered over the new door? (The room/exterior blank space I'm trying to disguise will be on the LEFT side as you face the garage from outside) .

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