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garage floor / epoxy fail?

J. Clark
3 months ago

We had our garage floor refinished/epoxied within the last two weeks.

On Mon Nov 20th they cleaned the floors (pretty sure with just a pressure washer but not completely sure as I didn’t see the work in progress)
Nov 21st they applied the base color and one coat
Nov 22nd they applied the second and final coat epoxy
I questioned the final application because there were some areas where the floor had a smooth coat and others that look more like there was just a thin layer of gloss paint on it - but he said it was OK and everything was applied to the exact specifications.

I was told they used a Sherwin Williams product but also not sure which - based on my blurry security camera footage, it may be Armorseal Rexthane I (which I don’t think is technically an epoxy but is a hard surface coating)

We waited 10 days (today, Dec 1) to move anything in. We moved in an empty garage cabinet (maybe 50 lbs max) and while we were careful not to scrape it against the floor, there was some contact and scratched up the floors and started flaking. I can use my fingernail and easily just flick off more around these areas.

My question: was this our fault for the abrasion caused by the cabinet legs or is this an issue of improper application and therefore product isn’t able to hold up as designed?
Considering this is for garage settings and this wasn’t caused by something even remotely as heavy as a vehicle, I’m very surprised to see this.

(Before you comment on the pictures, we know the fleck was applied too heavy and the contractor fully admitted that but what was done was done at that point)

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