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Induction range and one wall oven v induction cooktop and double ovens

Kristin S
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

We thought we had our cooking appliances all set for our new home - Bosch Benchmark and double wall oven. As we finalize layout, however, it looks like the cooktop and double ovens will be fairly far apart.

I’m not sure how big a concern this is. If it is a problem, one option I came up with is going with the Wolf 36” induction range (for items that go cooktop to oven), then one wall oven in the more distant location.

We’ve never been fans of ranges (harder for two people to do two different tasks, heat on legs while cooking, no pot/pan storage under cooktop), but I also worry (perhaps unnecessarily) about having ovens and cooktop so spread out.

So, how important do others think the distance is? Thoughts on the range option? Opinions about Wolf induction range?

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