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Double wall oven v speed oven v toaster oven

6 years ago

This is a repost from the kitchens forum: We are moving next year and redoing our kitchen, and I'm trying to figure out which appliances make the most sense.

We previously had a double wall oven, and we used the second oven for holidays, etc., but it was not imperative. So when we redid our kitchen last year, we opted to just a single wall oven. Now we miss the flexibility of the second wall oven and have agreed to get a double oven when we renovate.

We need a microwave but use it infrequently. We currently have a very small unit hiden in a cabinet. It would be a waste of prime real estate for us to have a combo wall oven with a microwave or an OTR microwave.

We use a toaster oven at least once a day (in bake or toast mode). Toast, breakfast sandwiches, open face tuna sandwiches, mini naan pizzas, toasting nuts for baking. You name it.

In my ideal world, I'd get rid of all these appliances (micro, toaster, etc) and just combine into a double wall oven that can do everything. Does this exist?

And while I'm thinking about my ideal oven situation, I was thinking that a full double oven is still a waste, and I'd rather have a 1.5 wall oven - that is, a single full unit, and then a second oven unit. So the same size as the microwave/oven or speed oven/oven combos - but just all oven. Why? Because to the extent we're using the second oven, it's probably for something small and usually baking (because you can't, say, put a sheet of cookies in the oven while dinner is cooking - because it totally messes up the baking time and process). So smaller seems better: Less space taken up and also lower preheat times. But checking appliance sites, I can't find any 1.5 ovens. Just microwave and speed oven combos.

I am intrigued by speed ovens, but also loathe to add a new appliance if it just does something new that I don't need without eliminating the need for another appliance. Can I reliably bake in a speed oven? Do you have to change temperature/time for recipes? Can i use it as a toaster oven?

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