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Siding color and trim - HELP please! Imagination needed! Give me ideas

A tree fell on my house this past fall, scraping and denting the siding, gutters and roof. Since the siding was aluminum (that had been painted in 2002) the insurance is paying for the whole house to be resided in vinyl-- along with a new roof. It took them so long to come through with the approval, though, that we've had to delay the work until spring.

My contractor called me this morning and wants my color decision by Monday so he can order the siding. I've decided to keep the roof Weathered Wood although it will be GAF Timberline, not the Owens Corning currently there.

I am paralyzed on this decision. I've gone around the neighborhood to look for inspiration (these are 1941-era home, many of the same style) and actually see very few color schemes that have inspired me. Plain white is dominant (and boring). Many other color choices/combinations just don't seem right to me. I saw a pale gray with black and white trim that looked good, and in another neighborhood, a color I'd call buckskin (a golden tan) with black and cream. I've also searched on Houzz and BH&G. I can tell you I don't like browns, and although I always think I will like pale blue, when I see it in real life it hasn't wowed me. Maybe with just the right trim, something other than white?

Having to use the colors offered in the new vinyl is limiting, and darker colors seem to be the trend. The house is not large, only 25 feet across the front (and another 10 feet for the garage). I'm not sure how well a darker color would work. I'll add a picture of my house below. The current paint is a sage green with bleached wheat trim and red accents -- but faded -- I was ready to repaint before the tree fell! I can't decide whether to just come as close as I can to that, or go another direction.

I can choose siding from the palettes of Mastic Structure ( I thought sage at first, but not sure now; how about wicker, Victorian gray, pebblestone, Scottish thistle or even corn silk?) or Royal Exterior Portfolio (Rye, honey oak, country beige, clay, cypress?)

I could also add textural details -- shakes or stone. Many of the homes originally had shake siding and/or stone and still do -- next door has both. My original wood siding is still under the aluminum, but I have no idea if it is shake or clapboard. Contemplating that make me feel even more overwhelmed!

The trim coil color comes from a selection of 17 colors that you can see from this page:  The color deck for the coil that I was given to choose from includes terratone, wicker, gray, pebblestone, musket brown, linen, charcoal gray, sandcastle, dark bronze, norbeige, black, almond, white, royal brown, scotch red, grecian green, and antique Ivory.

I will be able to paint the porch, front door and garage door whatever I like.

I just can't seem to settle on a full siding/trim/accent scheme. I hope someone will have ideas for me! Please please please!

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