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Our drought is dead: may it rest in peace!

So the forecast was for heavy rain all last (Saturday) night: the sky darkened, the clouds loomed, a moderate shower came that lasted an hour, and then, nothing. I lay awake last night in a rage of frustration, taking slim comfort in the cloud cover, and trying to fortify myself with patience against the continuation of the endless drought. This morning it began to rain again; it rained through most of the day; it's still raining; and the forecast is for rain all tonight. We had gotten about an inch and a half the last I looked, and the rain has continued to fall. It's wet. The ground is wet. It's foggy. We ate steamy soupy pasta e fagioli for lunch and enjoyed the residual heat from the oven after I pulled out the pie I'd baked. The roof of the music room is leaking. I think this is it: the end of the drought that started last fall and that we've fought all this year. We'll need plenty more rain to restore the humidity of the soil and replenish the aquifers, but I'm hopeful that we won't have to water much from now on. The days are shorter, the sun has lost its force. There's more rain in the forecast in about five days. Life looks good.

P.S. Our rain is one half of my current somewhat schizophrenic involvement with the weather, as all three of my siblings live close to each other in north Florida and, as matters now stand, are in the path of Hurrican Irma. So I'm following its progress carefully. One of my sisters is in an area that has an evacuation notice; I'm not sure about the other. The plan is for them and their significant others to stay if necessary with my brother and his family, they having the house that's furthest from the water and highest off the ground; it's also the biggest and newest, so built to the latest hurricane-proof standards. I see in my mind's eye a sort of grownup pajama party.

Bart and Anna-Lyssa, has the rain reached you yet? I hope so: it's a marvel!

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