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Feedback on kitchen appliance selection - Miele/SubZero

Hi there!

Yesterday, [I posted about my new kitchen/home remodel in the Kitchen forum[(, asking for feedback around overall design/layout and appliance selection. The kind folks there suggested that I post about my specific appliance list here, so here goes.

Regarding the appliances, while I pretty much researched each option independently of brand, I am leaning towards a primarily Miele kitchen. If there are any gotchas with my list and/or better options that I have not considered, I'd love to know! Here is what I have preliminarily chosen:

After a lot of debate I decided to make the leap to induction, even though we have option for gas. I chose Miele over Wolf in a close call. I considered the Gaggenau and Thermador options as well.

I considered Wolf M Series as well but ultimately chose Miele primarily for brand/style consistency, particularly with Oven #2.

From discussions with friends and reading forums, I wanted a steam/combi oven. I also like the Wolf ( but was biased towards the Miele based on reputation + the plumbed option. I considered the Gaggenau too, but ultimately thought this wasn't worth the substantially higher price.

I didn't heavily consider other options besides SubZero. I am leaning towards this style (French door, over/under, internal dispenser), but let me know if there are opinions on other options.

To be honest, I haven't researched this heavily beyond seeing that Miele's are extremely well regarded, and it's consistent with other choices that I am making. So your opinion on what line of Miele dishwasher is "worth it" would be helpful.

Mainly chosen because of other options.

  • Microwave: ??

I haven't researched this at all and am not 100% sure of what size opening we'd be looking at, but I assume 30"? Would appreciate your recommendation on an undercounter option consistent with the brand/style choices above.

  • Range Hood: ??

Haven't researched yet

Any feedback welcome!



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