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Miele washer door won't open

5 years ago

I have Miele washer that I bought from someone two years ago. The model is W 3033.
These are really good machines which is why I bought this washer (I also bought a Miele dryer that stacks above the washer. It's a T 8003).
Today, I finally got the washer and dryer hooked up. It's a long story (I had other priorities).
Unfortunately, the washer turns on but the door does not open. I called their tech support and they pointed out that there's a small door-like thing at the bottom left of the washer. They told me to open it. They then told me that there was a yellow tab inside. They told me to pull on it. This is supposed to open the door manually, if the door button on the top of the washer does not work. Unfortunately, I tried pulling the tab but the door would not open. They then told me that I will have to call an authorized Miele technician in my area. They gave me two names. I plan to call one of them soon.
I'm just hoping that it's not a major problem since the whole idea of buying the washer used was to save some money. :)
Has anyone ever had this problem with a Miele? Just curious. Below is a photo of my washing machine.

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