HELP: Miele La Perla door won't de-latch!!!

11 years ago

Miele La Perla owners or any other knowledgeable people, PLEASE HELP!!!

We used our beautiful new La Perla for the first time today (well, first time with dishes; I've run it empty a couple of times, to test it and to clean the inside.) Now it's confiscated all my dishes and refuses to let go! The Miele customer service isn't open until Monday, so any advice or suggestions in the meantime would be really appreciated!

The new La Perla has a "drying plus" function that opens the door slightly on its own after the cycle. The sensor wash program had just completed, and the door become ajar. However, there is a plastic latch at the top that won't release! I've tried to toggle it manually but it's "locked" in place. I've tried turning the machine on/off, turning the drying plus off, reading the manual word-for-word, but nothing...

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