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Help me design my walk-in pantry

7 years ago

Thank you for all the inspiration as I've gone through all the pantry-related posts on here! I've posted about this before, but I'd like some feedback with this plan I've come up with. The contractor is going to build this out for me, and I have a week to figure this out, so please bring on the suggestions!

First some photos of the space, then schematics in the comments....

The space is right off the kitchen (i.e., the pantry door is right next to the fridge). It is awkwardly shaped, so it's difficult to photograph but I've tried. It used to house a tiny/crappy wet bar on "Wall A", which we've removed, and stackable laundry crammed awkwardly in the corner of "Wall B", (which we moved upstairs). Wall C has the furnace behind bifolds. We obviously have to plan for the contingency of furnace replacement someday. On Wall D we plan to put up a hanger to stash mops and brooms.

Wall A -- looking in from pantry door:

Wall B -- Note shorter ceiling height:

Wall C & D:

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