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Help me design our walk-in pantry!

7 years ago

I've looked through numerous walk-in pantry threads on this forum to get inspiration already, but could really use more specific help and recommendations.

We are repurposing an odd-shaped area off our new kitchen to make a walk-in pantry/utility closet. Area is at the top of the diagram -- post-it note indicates dimensions.

Currently the space is a 1980s wet bar with a door that leads to a stackable laundry shoved into the corner, and an accordion door to access the furnace. We are relocating the laundry upstairs, have removed the door to the laundry and opened up the framing, will be removing the wet bar sink, and will be adding a door to the kitchen. Note that this is a condo so we cannot move any of the outside walls (i.e., in the upper left corner that space is a condo utility closet open to the communal hallway, so unfortunately we can't take that over). We also cannot move the furnace.

My wish list and initial thoughts:

Where the wet bar is now (indicated with dotted oval on the post-it note) we'd like to put in a counter width shelf and below it install a beverage center. Then use that counter for our coffee maker. Originally we envisioned having wide shelves below this counter for small appliances to live, but we need a home for the beverage center (not a fancy dual-control wine cooler: we just need an inexpensive small fridge for soda and cheap white wine).

Above the coffee counter/beverage center, we'd put in maybe 12 inch shelves going all the way up for coffee mugs, coffee supplies, food storage, paper towels, etc.

I don't think there's room to keep the sink in this scenario, and I'm willing to sacrifice it for more counter space and room for a beverage center? It's not too far to walk to the sink in the kitchen island -- just a few steps.

I'm thinking I'd prefer the door to open out, not in, so I could install a door-mount spice rack and have easy access to our spices while cooking.

To the left on the 60" wall I'd put in a hook or two for hanging aprons, a hand towel, etc? Then again if the door opened out, this wall could be used for more narrow shelving?

On the wall right behind the refrigerator and near the furnace door, I'd like to use for hanging swiffer mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies (rather than having shelves as shown in the diagram). Perhaps a shelf or two above for cleaning supplies.

In the place where the laundry is now, the 25" x65" x 36" area, we'd have more shelves for food storage (canned goods etc), cases of diet coke and heavier/bulkier items on the bottom.

I know having a pantry this close to the furnace is not ideal but it is what it is... probably want to have non-food items stored closer to the furnace, though I'm thinking canned goods would be okay in there as well?

We rarely ever bake so will be unlikely to store any flour etc in here. I would not store potatoes and onions or fruit in here either -- we're getting a Subzero which will have plenty of space for fresh foods, provided we can get my hubby's case of diet coke out of there (he goes through a case a day, hence why beverage center is of utmost importance!). I'd also keep all breads, crackers etc in the kitchen itself.

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