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Scientific minds please help me out

Evaluation of Roses from the Earth-Kind® Trials: Black Spot ...

I know that this is a busy week for all of us. When you have the time I really like to know if I understood the bottom line of this article. Did I understand all of it? Of course not Chemistry class was a nightmare for me. Does this article apply to me? Yes, It certainly does. I'm tired of wasting my money on disease resistant plants that aren't. Here's what I came with understanding.

One side note first. It took me hours to read this little article but I'm stubborn and determined. So I read a paragraph. Look up the words I don't know. Then re-read the paragraph and so it goes.

1 - 11 races of black spot have currently been identified world wide I think.

2 - races 3, 8 and 9 most prevalent here. Probably wrong on this and just assuming.

3 - What has gone wrong in previous earth kind trial trials. No established uniform testing. Yes, I was one who purchased Baby Love. So excited and so disappointed as it was a horrible wretch of a plant here. What went wrong with the Morden series. Black Spot race 3 was not present at the test sites.

4 - Was anyone deliberately deceptive? No, they were attempting to release very good roses.

5 - Whats needed is a uniform rose black spot inoculation test (for a lack of a better word). That all roses are given before acceptance into an earth kind program.

6 - Canada has already done it. They have now stored genetic material from the best os the best. They have fields of rose ready to go and hope to capture the worlds market in northern areas. Those who have few too no earth kind roses that they can grow. This information from other articles that I've read.

7 - Would this benefit me and the future of the rose? Who is not sick of wasting money on hopes of a relatively disease free rose only to have your hopes dashed.

8 - Knockout was so resistance to main races of black spot here that it was dropped from the program. It could not be inoculated. Is knockout resistant to all 11 races? No, but a very very good rose in the US. One knock variety is susceptible here don't remember which one.

9 - Belinda's Dream was barely accepted as an earth kind rose. I almost purchased this rose for spring after all the discussions here. After going thru all of my papers, I indeed have this rose before. It did black spot here and was not an acceptable level in my yard and was removed. Now I have confirmation that it wasn't just me.

10 - Whats needed is an established level of tolerability before deemed an earth kind variety.

11 - Last but not least for me, whats taking so long for the release of information on northern rose trials. Now I know they do not want to repeat earlier mistakes. This may mean a repeat of the trials to really get it right.

Sorry everyone I was really bored that night.

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