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Arch Partner for Spirit of Freedom Suggestions?

Hi friends! I have an arch coming for Christmas! SoF will be on one side. My current inventory of climbers I'm considering as a partner are: Perfume Breeze, Honeymoon, or another Spirit of Freedom.

I like the idea of the different textures mingling between SoF and Perfume Breeze. I also think they would bloom at the same time and both be super fragrant.

I have a baby Honeymoon on fort. But I might shoot for one on multiflora if y'all like this combo idea most. I'm not sure how floriferous Honeymoon is/if it will bloom as much as Sof. Both are gorgeous, about the same size bloom and similar petal count. I think the white would be a pretty compliment to Sof.

OR I could have Sof on both sides.

The arch will be at a garden gate entrance, so I'm hoping whatever I choose will be fragrant, bloom a lot, and be easily tamed/wrapped back into itself so it doesn't snag visitors walking through. Thanks!

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