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Grass Seed Mixture Help 50/50 KBG/PRG

8 years ago

I started a complete lawn renovation and originally was going to use Scott's Sun and Shade mix. After reading this forum I have been looking for other seed.

I came across this at a local sod store and wanted to know what thoughts or opinions you have with a 50% KBG and 50% Perennial Rye mix by weight.

This is what they recommended and I don't know a ton on this type of mix and just wanted some feedback.

Here is the breakdown of the mix by weight:
17.04% Corsair KBG
16.84% Medallion PRG
16.22% Wildhorse KBG
16.09% Midnight KBG
15.80% Singular PRG
15.65% Icon PRG

Thanks for the help.

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