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New 50' x 50' wildflower garden help

12 years ago

It seems this forum gets a little more traffic than the one I posted the OP in. I am fine with discussing it here, too :)

We live in a new construction on an old farmstead. There were a few small hills that were bulldozed over removing all topsoil in the process. I left one bare spot alone last year and it grew a few coneflowers that had seeded in naturally but not much grass. This year, I would like to make it a wildflower garden that would pretty much be throw some seed around and water during drought. Is this feasible or do I need to bring in some topsoil first and/or fertilize the area. On a whim, I bought two $10 bags of seed at Home Depot today that had various wildflower seeds inside that would cover 1200 sq feet each. It does not have to be incredibly dense, but I don't want too many sizable gaps.

It is pretty much full sun probably around 10-12 hrs/day in the peak of summer.

I am open to any and all advice.


By jp_42_82 at 2012-02-20

Here is a link that might be useful: Original thread is here

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