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Soundproofing between floors - serenity mat

As part of our build we will have a home theater room. This was drawn above the garage, and had no shared walls with any living space.

We are taking a lot of steps to sound proof. Resilient channel, double dry wall with green glue, solid core door, strategic duct placement, etc.

We are planning to do serenity mat also. I'm having trouble with the threshold planning as the floor thickness will not be the same as the rest of the 2nd floor.

I have 3 options floating in my mind.

1) slope the threshold slightly, ignore the difference in the rest of the house and just deal with it in this room (1.125") $

2) do the serenity mat and floated sub floor on the entire 2nd floor (1200sqft) $$$

3) make the floor height match by adjusting the plywood thickness everywhere else (double up and different thicknesses top match). $$

I am leaning toward serenity mat everywhere but it will be budget dependent. I think we'll like the sound dampening anyway. How difficult is this to install (general question because I'm going to have to get quotes).

Are there any options I'm not thinking of that I should explore?

Lastly, any good soundproofing suppliers I should look at? I was quoted $199 / 100 sqft roll for material only on the mat. I haven't asked for a better prove since I got quotes for 3 rolls and I'll need 13-14 with this plan.

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