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Possible compromise between AC and swamp cooler?

15 years ago

We have been suffering about the worst weather this month as I can recall. Not just hot, but continually wet, which makes misting somewhat useless. I'm not complaining too much though. Thanks's to the many suggestions I've read here, I believe I've pretty well gotten the heat issue addressed.

Between the powered intake shutters/exhaust fan, ceiling fans, bubble insulation and an aluminet sunshade, my GH stayed under about 82 deg., even when the air temps hit near 100.

But- even for those relativly few days anually that we do have such high temps, I still need to keep the interior of my GH no higher than 80 and better, at about 78.

I was even thinking about a portable AC, to have on-hand in a real emergency. The issue is my smaller fish tanks- those less than about 20 - 30 gal. The larger ones take longer to reach ambient air temp and by the time any did, the sun was setting.

But I was actually dropping ice cubes into some tanks at mid-day and that really isn't a good solution. It worked, but there has to be a better way.

I found a type of swamp cooler that uses reusable ice packs for cooling; the type filled with the gel that freezes quickly and stays cold far longer than ice and wondered if anyone here has ever seen one, or has an opinion on using them.

Blowing air across ice, or in this case, sealed cold containers, would seem a better means of cooling than simply throwing water into the air, especially when the humidity is already so high, it feels like it's raining indoors.


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