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New carpet: should I change my design plans?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I don't think I've ever posted any picture of our master bedroom before... well here it is. And yes, the green is fabulous

We just got this rug (another Craigslist find!) And it looks perfect in the room. So far, the plan is to add a corner bookcase next the closest (the only picture I didn't take since it's just a dusty corner now), a headboard, a writing desk and one to two chairs depending on space. The night stands and the lamps aren't perfect but they are staying. And of course we need some art but that's all in good -time stuff.

So, my question concerns the desk and the headboard. I have a faux bamboo desk that I was intending to refinish from a vibrant yellow to a black and gold chinoiserie style. I have already done this in two high stands for another room and they came out great. Unfortunately, the rug has more brown tones than I was anticipating. More so than I think photographs show. Do think the black/gold will still fit? I really want to do a chinoiserie/regency style and those are mostly red, green or black with gold.

The bookshelves we are adding will be painted the same color as the walls - green. I have attached my insirstion picture for refrence.

So that leaves the headboard as the only major piece. I was thinking to upholstery one (as I have done so before and liked it) and we already have a crappie one that I can ass fabric over. But what color/pattern? Ticking comes to mind to keep with the simplicity of the room. Thoguhts? Maybe I should be on the look out for a antique wood one.

Btw, the curtains a a silvery sage.


corner bookshelves idea:

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