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Possible Group Project: Century of Books

10 years ago

So - I've been thinking. Crawling across the interwebs, I've seen various book bloggers engage in a project called "The Century of Books" which means, essentially, that you read a book title from each year of whichever century you'd like (I'm thinking of 20th century in this case).

So, for example, The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald would complete year 1925 (year when published). The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner (Silitoe) would check off year 1959 (year when it was published). As for Me and my House (Ross) would complete 1939 (year when published) and so on...

I was wondering whether anyone else would be interested in completing the 20th century as their "Century of Reading". We could talk further about this, of course, but we could approach this as a group project and see how far we got.

One rule is that there can be no repeats. (I made this rule up when I was going through my own list and found Angela Thirkell's body of work was endless for mid-20th....) We could also ask that these books are "good" books (i.e. classics or similar using definitions that we are all in agreement with)... Or not... :-)

Just thinking out loud here. Would anyone else be up for it? I'd be happy to track it (nerd that I am), and it has the potential to be a fun project for the summer.

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