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Help me find this quartet--WW II France

2 months ago

I'm trying to find the author or titles of this quartet set in WWII France. The protagonist is a cop--not Paris, possibly Lyons. A mystery runs through all 4 books. The cop's married life is not great and he eventually becomes friendly with a young prostitute though he resists having sex with her. He has two sons, one leaning German, the other working with the resistance. The daughter is in love with a young man leaning heavily German. At least one decadent aristocrat and his complicated family come into the picture. One son and his friend are gay.

It was exceedingly well written and I lent it to a friend who seems to have lost all 4 paperbacks. And part of the mystery here is that I've searched twice my orders from Amazon and ABE --the only places I purchase books from--and I can't find any of the volumes in my orders!

Can anyone help?

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