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"baby book" project from He!! & possible gift idea for others

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

So a few weeks ago I decided I was going to make ...ahem... long overdue babybooks. (2 are in HS, one just started college)

I have scoured the earth assembling and scanning and organizing photos. (love my new scanner btw, )

Thank goodness most all but about the first 6mo.s of the first kid are digital. I have over 8000 photos overall. Unfortunately, the first 10 years or so of kids photos all have the following date on them: Dec 1969. Which is more than 30+ years too early. With 2 girls 54 weeks apart, those early baby photos are very frustrating to sort out! That took hours and hours.

Then a whole slew of photos have the date March 19 2009, when they clearly aren't all from that date. Most of the rest have proper dates, and of course as everyone gets older it is a lot easier to figure out who is who.

BTW - note to others ... when you copy an Iphoto album that you manually sorted into a project, it does not stay sorted. Ask me how I know. Argghh. 1969 all over again.

I am done sorting and I have about 400 photos per kid. I had planned that each one's album would have all of their own photos, plus be interspersed with photos of the whole family (another 200) and, in each of the girls' books, also interspersed with the many "GirlZ" photos of just those two (another 100).

Small problem. The vendor I like, Iphoto, has a 100 pg limit on their books. And I don't like photobooks jam packed with a zillion mini photos. NO way to fit it all.

So ... I am going back to making books that only cover birth-five for each of them. They will include their footprints, photos of their nurseries, a custom monogram I had made for each years ago, and a letter about each baby from DH and I.

Then I will dump all of their photos into a slideshow of them that will cover birth-now. I will give them that on a flash drive.

There are a ton of cool/fun flash drives. I am ordering the ones below that are boxed. The box and the drive can be engraved. I think having a box will help make sure it is not lost (yes I know technology may well change). ANyway, I thought I would post this because some of you have something you could give on a flash drive and this is such a nice presentation.

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