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Need ideas for high school graduation party/gift ideas

Kathy Johnson
14 years ago

My son, son's girlfriend, & my nephew will all graduate from high school this May. My son's & nephew's graduations are the same day so our family will have to choose which one to go to since they are about an hour distance from each other. I thought about having a party for all 3 just so everyone can congratulate them, say hi, whatever. When I graduated my parents had a small party for me but I don't remember that much about it. I know there was a cake & sandwich-type stuff & everyone visited. I left with my boyfriend so I don't know what happened after that.

Long story, but my son's girlfriend lives with us. He has the apartment behind us & she stays in the house with us. She wasn't getting along with her father & step-mother because they didn't like my son & were fighting all the time. We found out the father kicked her out of the house & made her get out of his yard, after he'd left bruises on her. She turned 18 but was still a senior in high school (like my son) so we let her move in after much thought & setting some ground rules. We have since learned she's bipolar & can get violent so we now wonder if the father really did give her the bruises. Anyway, since she lives with us the party would be for her too.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas of what activities - if any - I should plan? Also, what are some graduation gift ideas I could get them? The girlfriend plans to go to college but the 2 boys haven't decided.

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