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Sam, 2-years-old yesterday, 4 party photos

11 years ago

Yesterday was Sam's second birthday. He's still a pain in the patootie, but I'll admit he's cute.

I forgot to put their hats on until after they'd eaten the "cake," (a small can of dog food decorated with apple slices and kibble.)

As soon as I took the little white box (holds all the hats, etc.) down from the mudroom closet, Harry knew it was "Birthday Time." He got all excited! Special food! Apples! Tennis Balls! Funny HATS! Mom sings! He can HOWL! It was a puppy party.

Wes, long suffering husband that he is, posed the boys and kept them from getting on the table. He "graciously" blew out the candle. LOL

Sam had fun. Harry had fun. I had fun. Wes had fun too, even if he wouldn't admit it.

And yes; they're sitting on the kitchen chairs which were pulled far enough away from the table so they could just reach the paper plates without actually getting on the table. Harry thought the antique lace tablecloth was a nice touch.

"Where's my candle, Mom?"

Wes has to remind Sam to wait until the candle is blown out.

Even as he eats Harry keeps an eye on Sam's plate.

Samuel vom Moorehaus, age 2. It's so hard to photograph his jet black face. He really does have two eyes. He luuuuvs his tennis balls.

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