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Layout help please for small budget kitchen

11 years ago

Please give me your thoughts on my layout for my small budget minded kitchen. I can move the plumbing and gas lines but the footprint, 110x101, has to stay the same. I was leery to move the sink from under the window which is where it is now but want to add a 24 in dw (I have no DW now) and since DH said stove has to be moved to outside wall so we can vent it (we have no vent now) I could not fit in a 24 in dw next to the sink. I was totally against a corner sink but saw the 42 in corner sink front with the double door and realized I could have a larger sink. The software did not allow me to choose a 42 in corner sink front with the double door so I used the 36 in corner cab and put two 3 in fillers on either side to make up the 42 in. I realize that that corner cab will be out a few more inches. I was trying to fit the fridge in the L on the DW wall but then found out, from this forum, that you must put a cab between the corner sink and DW; otherwise, you can't access or am wedged in. The fridge will go in the corner of the two walls that have just the doors, no cabs. I was against moving the sink from the window but if I don't do the corner sink and put the sink on the adjacent wall, I can have a 24 in dw next to the sink and a 36 corner cab with a lazy susan. I wanted to stay away from the blind corner cab with the half susan type pull out. Sorry for all the words . . I probably left out important information but would welcome any comments, good and bad! Thank you.

What I have now:


Corner sink layout



Sink on interior 101 inch wall



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