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Please help. Small budget, small family home kitchen partial remodel.

Hi. I need help with layout for my kitchen. We have a tiny, tiny budget.
This is not my forever home.
This is not an Instagram/reality show kitchen.
I just need to make this kitchen functional.
I need more counter top space and storage space.
I have some awkward obstacles like a radiator and a doorway.
I had originally planned to rip out all the cabinets and start new. but I just dont think that's the. best idea.
I was going to go with open shelves to save money.
There is no IKEA near me.
I had originally planned to do all drawers for lowers but that's not the most cost effective if I'm just going with these stock cabinets.
I mean I had big plans
We were going to shift that door way to the left to create more wall space for a pantry, but that meant moving electrical and $$$$. This wall also contains a tiny base board radiator.
I'm just lost.

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