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Can't Decide on Wall Paint Color - Help! (PICS)

12 years ago

Hi everyone!

We're making pretty good progress on the kitchen (the L cabinets, sink, fridge, stove and india ink countertops are in, still need fridge wall cabinetry/countertops, crown moulding, toe kicks, hardware, backsplash, range hood, dishwasher, microwave, etc., etc., etc.!)

Progress Pics

I should note that the floors are not nearly as dark as the above pics show, they look like this:

Anyway, I "thought" I had our green paint color figured out, but now I'm having 2nd thoughts and need your expertise!

Here's my wishlist for the paint color:

* Coordinate well with other open floor plan paint colors

* Look great with our Adel White Ikea cabinets, similar to Cloud White. (Do some greens go better with off white and others with a truer white?)

* A green that is: fresh, warm and inviting, yet soft (nothing too bright or vivid, too cool, or too yellow or dingy) - I'd like my accent colors to be a little more vivid than the wall color, and in the hydrangea green and blue color family.

Here is my Color Inspiration Mockup. The room pic is the wall color I'm going for, the blue and green in the fabric swatch and hydrangea is an example of the more vivid accent colors I'd like to add as window treatments, a flower arrangement, etc.:

Our south facing kitchen (in the North East) has a mis-mosh of greens right now. The soffit is a tinted primer that looks similar to Guilford Green. We HATED it at first, but when the cabinets were installed it has really grown on me - DH likes it better since the cabinets, but doesn't love it. The backsplash area (which will eventually be some shade of white/off white subway tile) is "supposed to be" a paint match for Fernwood Green - but it isn't. In some lighting I like it, but in others it takes on a neon effect which is not for me, so it definitely won't be staying.

And finally, here's my attempt at finding a Ben Moore color that fits the wishlist above, but I'm not sure that we've nailed it. Please let me know your thoughts, and any other colors that we might have missed:

1) Guilford Green - Closest to our tinted primer green on the soffits which I like, but DH doesn't always like it. Not sure if it works that great with the other colors in our open floor plan

2) Fernwood Green - I loved it in our last kitchen, but we had White cabinets - I'm not sure if it works as well with the off white cabinets we have now - maybe if we lightened it up a bit?

3) Nantucket Breeze - DH loves it. I'm worried it is too yellow and washed out

4) Dune Grass - A touch bluer than the Nantucket Breeze, but is it too dingy/pale?

* Sherwin Williams Shagreen or Celery - No swatches yet, I've just seen pics online but they look like they could be potential contenders

I tried getting an accurate pic of the swatches against the cabinet, but it is so hard! The other Ben Moore colors in our semi open floor plan are:

A) Woodmont Cream

B) Ambiance

C) Simply White

D) Hush

Thank you SO much for your advice!! I've been obsessing about this and am ready to buy a sample pot or 2 (...or 3)and get painting!

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