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Flip flopper- should I or should I not paint w/ new color?Can't decide

Cindy C.
5 years ago

I thought my DR looked too dark, so I have already went out and bought a paint similar to what is in one of the photos below (the blue/green). Since then, I took down the heavy drapes and put up a white sheer AND added a white accent chair instead of the dark green. Added a few lighter things on the side table. I am thinking maybe these two changes alone have lightened it up somewhat?


1. Are my current colors schemes dated?

2. Is my current color scheme with the couple of touches added (the white accent chair instead of green, the white sheers instead of heavy drapes) enough to lighten it up or does it still look too dark?

3. Would the frames on the walls look better in black to make them stand out more (even though I know the goal is to lighten up the room, still wondering if black might stand out more on the walls - the gold ssems somewhat to fade into the walls - but that could be me).

I feel like a flip-flopper and just cannot decide. I don't want to ruin a look I am not completely dissatisfied with given those couple of changes, but yet what if the new color combo would look even BETTER? It's the fear of the unknown, I guess! I honestly don't know if I should leave well enough alone or venture out for something new. Thoughts?

Picture 1 before changes

Picture 2 with a few changes

Proposed new color scheme (wall all with a color similar to this blue color but with a little more green, with no chair rail)

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