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help I have many rooms I need to paint...need help choosing color

14 years ago

Im at a loss! I have several rooms I need help picking colors on! My house is VERY small, and not much natural lighting. I have painted my Kitchen MANy different colors and got tired quickly of them! I even went so far as to paint the room RED. I am brand new to this and I have pictures to add but not sure how to do that. The kitchen is very small and looks like an ally way and has a door exiting to my garage at the end.( Very narrow kitchen)I have White trim throughought my house. The kitchen has one window above the white porceline sink. The cupboards are honey oak with brush stainless knobs. The ceremic tiles are brown/tan with a dark grout....Im at a Loss.....Appliances are all white and I have one floressent ceiling light with decorative white trim on the cieling...the ceiling is white as well. When you have an idea can you tell me where I find the color you state.

The dining room....blends into the kitchen....but I can make a straight line to seperate them..... I have a dark walnut covered table and sliding glass door leads to my deck....My curtains are dark brown and chairs are dark brown with black leather pads (non removable) I curently have an orangy color in there! God what was I thinking...The color swatches NEVER look as good on a wall! I feel like Im at Mcdonalds! It has a hue of yellow. Floors are Red oak throughout the house.

The TV room well it has one bay window....and one ceiling light. All these rooms kinda run into each other in a weird way. I can e-mail pictures to you if needed....

I have the hallway that runs to all the bedrooms that is the same yell/orange as the dining room and it seems to absordb all the light and then some! It gives me a feeling of "loneliness" I like colors and energy! Do I make any sense???

I want to paint the kitchen,TV room and dining room and hallway. I would GREATLY appreciate your assistance!!! I have pictures or all the rooms as well. My TV room has a 8 by 8 throw rug that is Darb brown with green and ivory leaves in it. and the bay window has cream curtains....I hope I gave enough descriptions! Im praying! Please help!

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