Lighted 3-way switch causes flourescents to flicker-why?

14 years ago

Hi all... I wired up a new flourescent overhead light fixture in the kitchen and my wife likes the lighted 3 way switches that glow a really low, pale pale orange when the light is off so she can find the switch when she cuts through the kitchen in the middle of the night on her way to the bathroom while she's half asleep. The light has two circline bulbs- a 32 and a 22 watt. The 3 way switches don't have dimmers on them or anything and the packaging on the switches doesn't say incandescent only (like a dimmer would.) The switches are Cooper wiring Co. The lights flicker just a quick dull flash, not full bright, just a flicker so fast you can barely see it. And it's intermitent for at least an hour ( the longest I've checked for, so it could go on longer.) Will this shorten the life of the bulbs? Is it a bad thing? I know it's just enough voltage going through to excite a little of the gas. And the switches are wired right- power to the switch. I checked it 3 times. I may just change to un-lit 3-ways and let my wife stub her foot.. LOL!!!


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