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How to place outlets within 24" of a sink (with dishwashers)

2 months ago

I need some design advice from experts here.

I am planning a kitchen remodel and was told by our contractor that our local code requires outlets within 24" of the edge of a sink. The problem is the following:

- I plan to have a window in front of the sink that extends 3' on either side of the sink and extends all the way down to the counter (no backsplash area to add outlets)

- We plan to have dishwashers on each side of the sink that are roughly 24" in width

- I'd prefer to avoid pop up outlets, and also don't know if these are even feasible with the diswashers

What are my options - any creative options for outlets? I'm attaching an image of the cabinet layout - note that the design is old so only includes one dishwasher but the right cabinets will also be a dishwasher.

Thanks in advance for any tips / suggestions!

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