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losing water from pool/pool too shallow?

12 years ago

We have a newly constructed pool built by a local PB with a retracting cover from coverpools. We seem to be losing about an inch of water a week from the pool - from monday to friday, when the pool is typically not in use (so it's not from swimming or evaporation when the cover is open). While it has been very hot, was wondering if this is normal for a pool that is covered. The problem we have is that there is only about a 1" difference between the maximum we can fill the pool (otherwise the water spills over the wall in front of the cover) and the minimum level where the water still fills the skimmers. So every week, we are running the hose for a few hours to fill the pool

So I guess two questions - a) is it normal to lose an inch of water a week in a covered pool and b) what is the normal distance between "max fill" and "minimum fill"?


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