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Sunbrella Rain on Outdoor furniture: is Ebel Palermo worth the cost?

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Dear all,

I am struggling to pick my modern outdoor furniture set for my pool deck, uncovered so it will rain on it (Gainesville, Florida here). I had Ashley before with Nuvella cushion, they would get socking wet from day 1 when raining and fell apart after 5 years (I might have used pressure washer too close though). Now I wanna invest on a better set. Modern square line, my new in ground spa will be next to it and has modern square lines as well. My options are:

1) I went to a local store to check out the high end Ebel Inc Palermo collection and looks amazing. Pricey of course, 8k for 6-seats sectional plus table. They offer the Grade E Sunbrella fabric that they swear is water proof Sunbrella Rain, with a vent on the bottom of the cushion to let air out when sitting for comfort (cushions cant be flipped). Does anyone have experience with Sunbrella Rain, and in particular with the specific way their cushions are made?

2) I could spend 2.9k with shipping and get this Sam's Club Members Markset which looks very similar and has standard Sunbrella plus covers, reviews are crazy good. I would only use covers when away for weeks, its a pain. Ideally, I would get Ebel and not have to deal with covers if Sunbrella rain does the job and dries in minutes and cushions are not soaking wet.

3) I ruled outPolywood EDGE, because of the main complain on this forum about cushion slipping off, and they do not provide Sunbrella anymore, and their Revolution doesn't make waterproof cushion.

In short, is Ebel worth the almost triple cost? Is there any other brand you can think of that could give me waterproof cushions (seems Sunbrella Rain is only option) and modern cuts with Aluminum or Polywood (so Buy It for Life kinda thing)?