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How To Rehab Old Pool Decking

last month

Hello, hoping for some answers from either Pros or people who have actually had experience with this topic. We moved into our home about five years ago and it has an inground pool which I estimate to be around 15 years old. The pool itself is in good condition, but we are looking into refinishing the plaster bottom which is starting to show its age. We got a quote for PebbleTec (do-able cost wise) but then we quickly realized that the concrete around the pool itself is also looking pretty shabby, so once we put in a beautiful new pool lining, the concrete will look that much worse. My preference would be to add some tile over the old concrete, but my husband says it’s not possible because we have bullnose/cantilevered concrete all around the pool. Looking at how the pool set is up, I do understand what he’s saying and it makes sense, but my stubborn/optimistic self hopes that there is some way to rehab/cover the concrete without having to tear it completely out.

I have attached a few pictures. (Please ignore the mess in the pool. The tree trimmer was out today getting our palm ready for the summer.)