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Ideas Needed for Patio Dining Set - wrought iron, wicker, or ?

Valerie Noronha
14 years ago

I am looking for a patio set for my backyard. I had planned to purchase two wrought iron sets through a good friend's employee discount sale, but that fell through and now I am at a loss what to do. I love the look and ease of maintenance of wrought iron and the ones I was considering were excellent quality; however I am daunted at the thought of spending $1-$2K+ for something I'm going to put outside; at the same time don't want anything poorly made. We were hoping to have gotten all rocker chairs through our friend and am still sorely disappointed it did not happen and we will probably need to adjust our expectations. I've only recently started looking at the wicker ones, but wonder if they can be left out year round (we live in CA so no snow, but rain)? I really don't have the space to store it.

When we put in our patio last year I had designed in a circular section under the birch trees and had envisioned putting in a larger sized circular table that seats at least six; but most sets I've look at only seat 4 which is not enough. Now I am reconsidering and wondering if I should get an oval set. At this point, I don't think we can afford two sets as was the original plan, but will most likely move the bench set to another area of the yard for kid's dining when we entertain.

Here is a pic of the area:


I've been doing lots of gardening so the flagstone/bricks are really dirty at the moment, but when cleaned up it looks much better.

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