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Shaping jam filled rolled cream cheese pastries/cookies

13 years ago

Against my better judgement I am going to make some roll and bake cookies that are jam filled, because I have jam to use up, and because I want some cookies that will fit in tins and travel well and not get all sticky (unlike jam thumbprints which I love). I have a recipe for a cream cheese dough I think I want to try. It is from my Better Homes and Gardens Cookies cookbook. The photo shows them cut into squares, a dab of jam put in the middle, and then two ends brought to the middle and pressed together creating a diamond shape with jam sticking out each end. I don't want to do that shape. I have looked in some cookbooks and I found another recipe for cookies rolled into a log shape with jam oozing out the end. I have made jam filled cookies which are two circles pressed together like a little pie, with a criss cross cut onto the top, but not with this type of dough, the cream cheese type. That takes a lot of assembly time since it has a top and bottom and each one needs to be fitted just so.

So I was thinking either the logs but not open on the ends, or circles pressed together like empanadas. Would that work? I know if I closed the dough around the jam I will have to cut steam vents in the shapes. Then might as well leave the ends open on the logs I guess. I dunno, I have total fear of rolling pins and am not very good at cookie geometry, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated. One of my students made pastries like this and they were the cutest crescent shape, but I can't figure that one out.

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